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Community involvement, public outreach and environmental education can be an important part of both public and private projects that involve impacts to property owners, stakeholders, and surrounding open space.

It is important to reach out to the public early in the planning process, not only to provide information on the project and its impacts, but to understand the community’s values. An early exchange of information allows the project developer to understand problems and issues in the community, and allows the community to gain an understanding of the project implications, limits, and benefits.

Quest has provided expertise at public information meetings and public hearings for projects such as new roadways or watershed studies that involve potential impacts to neighborhoods. We’ve been the lead consultant on Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) where stakeholders and technical advisory committees have benefitted from the infusion of local knowledge and exchange of information when planning for land acquisition, habitat restoration, and the conservation of endangered species.

Public Meeting
Public Meeting

We’ve designed production‐ready material for printed newsletters, brochures, and educational field guides; some commissioned and some funded by grants. We can also design educational kiosks and signage and coordinate their placement and construction.

Our staff has presented on a diverse array of ecological and environmental topics at numerous conferences and workshops for the purpose of educating the public and our colleagues. We’ve covered a variety of subjects from “The Charismatic Scrub-Jay” at the 2014 NAEP National Conference, to a presentation on the value of managing public lands for protected species to a Board of County Commissioners. Quest was one of the founders of the Southwest Florida Scrub Working Group, and was an original participant in the Gopher Tortoise Technical Advisory Group during the update of the statewide management plan.