Living the Wild Life

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Quest Ecology has become known as one of the most respected wildlife services firms in Florida.

The Quest Team brings unparalleled experience with the wide range of species listed as threatened or endangered in Florida. Our Ecologists are knowledgeable and experienced in all Florida habitat types and survey methods, including pedestrian, vehicular, and aerial surveys; small mammal trapping, funnel trapping, mist netting, herp arrays, and bird banding.

Quest biologists are experienced with and utilize standard USFWS and FWC survey methods. Working in tandem with Agency staff and clients, we have also developed innovative techniques designed specifically for local or regional populations and site conditions. We’ve also been known to design unique and humane traps, trapping methods, artificial burrow systems, nest boxes, and tracking methods that improve upon an existing method or technique.


Our staff brings hands-on field experience with an extensive array of species and includes FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents and a Master Bird Bander. We’ve performed presence/absence surveys, mapped habitats, and prepared management plans for listed plants and wildlife species, and non-listed species such as white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail and wild turkey, for a wide variety of projects throughout Florida. Quest biologists have extensive experience translocating a variety of plant and wildlife species including gopher tortoise and burrow associates, Florida mouse, burrowing owl, and Florida scrub-jay.


We’re proud of our experience with successful habitat restoration, from planning and design to implementation and long-term management. This depth of experience translates into the ability to adaptively manage wildlife populations and habitats to ensure their persistence and growth while accomplishing other project goals.

For project construction phases, Quest has developed and implemented protection plans and construction precautions in accordance with USFWS and FWC guidelines to avoid impacts to protected species during construction activities. We provide on-site training for construction personnel, provide educational materials and signage, and have designed and implemented monitoring protocols to accommodate a wide variety of species and site conditions. Examples include: overnight monitoring of sea turtle nests during bridge construction, monitoring of crested caracara and bald eagle nest sites during road construction, surveys and nest area delineations for nesting shorebirds, and monitoring of a breeding population of American crocodiles during pond maintenance activities.