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Quest routinely provides specialized GIS services on a wide range of projects involving research, data collection, data analysis, and database development in support of environmental permitting, watershed studies, habitat restoration and management, and wildlife population studies. Quest’s GIS professionals are highly experienced in the latest GIS software packages and have developed an extensive state-wide spatial data library to meet project and client needs.

Specific services include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Spatial database development and analysis involving large-scale, multifaceted projects
  • Professional cartographic displays and statistical analyses for use in technical reports and public presentations
  • Spatial data analysis of current and future site conditions encompassing: land use, soils, wetlands, wildlife, land restoration and management plans, habitat conservation plans, and historic database searches of listed species occurrences
  • Wetland jurisdictional boundary mapping
  • Habitat utilization studies
  • Restoration design and conceptual plans
  • Historic aerial photo research and interpretation
  • Spatial database development and analysis in support of sustainability plans, climate action plans, and carbon sequestration studies
  • GPS data collection, plotting, and analysis
  • Contamination Screening Evaluation analyses
  • Wildlife management using Radio Telemetry technologies
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