Your Land Remembered

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Management and restoration of land resources requires a full spectrum of services, including fire management, invasive species control, ecological evaluations, wildlife surveys, and habitat management planning.

Successful land management involves understanding the ecological communities and the needs of the species present on the landscape. Management plans typically include an analysis and baseline documentation of on-site vegetation communities and habitats, land use types, existing conditions, cultural resources, site history, alterations, and disturbances.

The site’s potential to support protected plants and wildlife is evaluated, and surveys are conducted to determine the effect proposed activities may have on protected species. The presence of nuisance or exotic species as well as utilization by non-listed wildlife species is assessed and management needs are identified. An evaluation of restoration or mitigation opportunities and recommendations for future permitting, site planning, compatible land uses and management methods is typically provided as a result of these investigations. Quest develops management plans and site-specific prescriptions to meet the targeted goals of our clients.

David Gordon with a Gopher Tortoise

Wildlife management is often a primary goal of public and private land owners. Quest can develop management measures to increase game species such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and bobwhite quail. Our ecologists can also help to maximize the success of a mitigation bank or public lands program by developing management recommendations to expand populations of protected plant and wildlife resources, or programs for controlling invasives such as feral hogs.

Heavy equipment used in land management

Quest’s fire program provides prescribed burn services to private land owners, large agricultural and mining operations, and the public sector, and we have the resources to complete burn units of various sizes, fuel conditions and fire fuel types. Our diverse and experienced staff allows Quest to provide complex fire management services that may include restoration of degraded or fire-suppressed ecosystems by utilizing a combination of mechanical and chemical methods, accompanied by fire application. Fire managers at Quest are experts in fire application, wildlife ecology and habitat restoration, thereby enhancing our firm’s ability to develop targeted burn prescriptions that address the individual needs of our clients, whether it is targeted management for a specific species, fuel reduction, forage production, nutrient cycling and soil rejuvenation, or regulatory requirements.