Alex Reed

Avian Ecologist

Alex Reed holds a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Wildlife Ecology. He brings experience with field surveys and monitoring of a wide variety of Florida bird and wildlife species, including Florida scrub-jay, burrowing owl, southeastern American kestrel, gopher tortoise, wading birds, and shorebirds. Alex regularly participates in projects involving habitat restoration, enhancement, and management, and frequently conducts upland and wetland habitat evaluations, wetland mitigation monitoring, and nuisance/exotic species assessments. His focus is primarily on conservation lands and mitigation projects, where he implements wildlife management and habitat enhancement activities such as installing and monitoring burrow protectors for burrowing owls, and nest boxes for southeastern American kestrels and wood ducks. He monitors and trap acclimates Florida scrub-jays in preparation for banding, conducts nighttime anuran listening surveys, and beach surveys for the presence of nesting shorebirds. Alex has also conducted hydrological monitoring at a regional wellfield. Alex is currently assisting with the development and implementation of Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) for the Florida scrub-jay, sea turtles and shorebirds for local governments. Alex is an FDEP Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector and is trained in the SWFWMD’s Wetland Assessment Procedure (WAP).

Alex is also an avid nature photographer and enjoys hiking, birding, and herping in his free time.