Christopher Keene


Christopher Keene holds a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Biology. Christopher’s experience has focused on land management and wildlife projects involving scrub jays, burrowing owls, American Kestrels, and ospreys. Chris has conducted nest evaluations for communication towers, surveyed cavities and nest boxes for American kestrels and the Florida Bonneted bat, implemented a carcass persistence study, and the trapping and daily monitoring of translocated burrowing owls. He also has experience with land management and restoration practices in habitat for scrub jays, burrowing owls, gopher tortoises, indigo snakes, and other wildlife species.  Chris is also an FWC authorized gopher tortoise agent and has assisted with numerous surveys and burrow excavations.

Chris conducts restoration, management and contractor oversight in a variety of habitat types on wetland mitigation areas and conservation lands. He has conducted and supervised tasks including nuisance and exotic vegetation removal, manual canopy reduction, planting and herbicide application.

Additional field experience includes wetland mitigation monitoring and vegetation data collection; surveying and mapping areas of invasive plants and collecting water quality samples. He has assisted with wetland delineations, the installation of artificial burrows for burrowing owl translocations, Wetland Assessment Procedure (WAP) data collection and WAP transect installations, eastern indigo snake surveys, burrowing owl surveys, eagle and osprey nest surveys, and mitigation bank permit compliance oversight. While not in the field, Christopher creates GIS maps using ARCGIS software, performs data analysis, and prepares a variety of memos and reports.