Zachery Holmes

Avian Ecologist

Zachery Holmes is a University of Florida graduate with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and a minor in Environmental Horticulture.   Zach’s experience is utilized on a broad range of projects, including monitoring and surveying for a variety of avian species such as Florida scrub -jay, southeastern American kestrel, burrowing owl, and shorebirds, as well as other wildlife species including gopher tortoise and eastern indigo snake. Zach designed and implemented survey methodologies for game birds, including bobwhite quail and wild turkey on public conservation lands to estimate population size and hunting impacts. He researched and performed a Population Viability Analysis for a Florida scrub-jay HCP to determine the outcome of modifying the permitted mitigation plan.  Zach also conducts wetland mitigation monitoring, permit compliance and upland and wetland habitat impact assessments to determine environmental permitting requirements.

Prior to Quest, Zach worked and volunteered on numerous wildlife conservation related projects most notably for the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission with the Florida Scrub Jay Translocation Monitoring Project. Responsibilities included surveying and mapping movement data on protected species (florida scrub-jay, red-cockaded woodpecker), band re-sight surveys, vegetation monitoring and analysis, exotic species removal, and wildlife handling (avifauna, rodents, snakes, alligators).  Zach is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree back at the University of Florida and now fills in part time with Quest.

Zach is an avid birdwatcher and naturalist and spends most of his free time hiking, kayaking, or planning for the next trip with friends, family, and his dogs.