Rebecca Barkdoll

Senior Environmental Scientist

Rebecca Barkdoll has a degree in marine biology and over 15 years’ professional experience in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. She is a project manager and GIS analyst at Quest, with a focus on wetland evaluations, permitting, and compliance. Her field experience includes wetland jurisdictional determinations, assessment of potential impacts to wetlands and protected species, surveying and mapping nuisance and exotic plants, wildlife surveys and monitoring, benthic resource surveys (seagrasses, oysters, corals), marine invertebrate inventories, and profiling of estuarine environments using salinity, light, temperature, water sampling and sediment sampling. She has designed and managed monitoring programs for permit compliance and long-term management for habitat restoration and wetland mitigation projects

As an FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent, Rebecca conducts surveys, burrow excavations, and relocations of tortoises and commensal species on both small- and large-scale projects. Additional wildlife experience includes burrowing owl surveys and translocation tasks, bald eagle nest monitoring, aerial sandhill crane nest surveys, nighttime anuran surveys, nighttime white-tailed deer counts, Sherman live-trapping surveys for Florida mouse, Southeastern American kestrel nest box monitoring, eastern Indigo snake surveys, Florida scrub-jay nest and territory surveys, and acclimation of juvenile Florida scrub-jays for trapping and banding.

As a GIS Analyst, Rebecca creates maps and environmental documents for a variety of transportation, mining, utilities, mitigation projects and conservation lands. She is proficient at creating geospatial data layers based on field assessments and preparing maps depicting background data and baseline conditions, as well as habitat restoration, wetland mitigation, and management plans.

Rebecca participates in the Annual Coastal Clean-up and other volunteer events throughout the year. She enjoys visiting beaches and springs, reading with her book club, and exploring Tampa’s local restaurant scene.