Lindsay Garland

Environmental Scientist

Lindsay has a B.S in Environmental Science, a master’s degree in Ecological Restoration, and more than 3 years’ professional experience in the environmental consulting field. Her field experience includes wetland evaluations and jurisdictional determinations, impact analyses, vegetation monitoring, wildlife habitat characterization and mapping, and conducting permit compliance monitoring and reporting for wetland mitigation areas. Lindsay’s environmental permitting experience has focused primarily on mitigation banks, utilities, and transportation projects.

Lindsays mitigation banking experience includes baseline monitoring, mitigation banking instrument and prospectus preparation, upland, wetland, and stream restoration planning and design, post-mitigation monitoring, and reporting.

Lindsay is also a GIS Analyst for Quest, using mapping software to analyze spatial data and design digital maps. Lindsay also focuses on using spatial and data analysis software to conduct investigations in support of environmental analyses and associated reporting. She researches project areas and uses GIS to present environmental baseline and critical issues in support of transportation, utility, mitigation, or other projects involving federal, state, or local permitting.