Rebecca Barkdoll

Environmental Scientist

Rebecca Barkdoll has a degree in marine biology and 11 years of professional experience in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. She is a project manager and GIS analyst at Quest, with a focus on wetland assessment, permitting, and compliance. Her field experience includes delineating wetlands, assessing hydric soils, evaluating and monitoring vegetation and wildlife habitat, surveying and mapping nuisance and exotic species, collecting water quality samples, and conducting annual monitoring and reporting for wetland mitigation areas. Her estuarine experience includes seagrass and benthic surveys, marine invertebrate inventories, and profiling using salinity, light, temperature, water sampling, and sediment sampling.

Rebecca is an FWC authorized gopher tortoise agent and conducts surveys, burrow excavations, and relocations of tortoises and commensal species on both small- and large-scale projects. Additional wildlife experience includes burrowing owl surveys, bald eagle nest monitoring, nighttime anuran surveys, nighttime white-tailed deer surveys, Sherman live-trapping surveys for Florida mouse, Southeastern American kestrel nest surveys, Eastern Indigo snake surveys, and Florida scrub-jay nest and territory surveys.

Rebecca uses GIS to provide desktop analyses, maps, and environmental documents for a variety of transportation, mining, utilities, and mitigation projects. She has conducted data compilation and analysis for contamination screening evaluations, for FDOT and private lands.

Rebecca participates in the Annual Coastal Clean-up and other volunteer events throughout the year. She enjoys visiting beaches and springs, reading with book club, and exploring Tampa’s local restaurant scene.