Vivienne Handy

Vivienne Handy, PWS

President & Principal Ecologist

Vivienne Handy is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) possessing over 25 years of experience in natural resource management and environmental permitting. Vivienne’s career experience has consisted of conducting and managing a diverse range of field studies, impact assessments, and environmental documentation for a variety of projects and clients, from roadway and bridge studies to mine reclamation projects. Vivienne’s recent focus has been on multi-use trail studies, Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs), and permitting and managing protected species conservation and wetland mitigation banks. Recent trail development projects include the impact assessment, planning and permitting for pedestrian bridges and recreational trails through sensitive habitats, including federal refuge lands. Vivienne HandyVivienne was project manager on four regional multi-species Habitat Conservation Plans for local governments, and she permitted the first scrub habitat conservation bank in the State of Florida.

Vivienne is well known as a community advocate and enjoys traveling and the company of her family of rescue dogs.