David Gordon

W. David Gordon

Senior Wildlife Ecologist

W. David Gordon is responsible for wildlife and habitat studies, protected species surveys, and habitat management planning and implementation. David’s over 18 years of experience includes: development of field monitoring and wildlife survey method­ologies; capture, banding and radio telemetry tracking of a variety of bird species including scrub-jays, burrowing owls, and crested caracara; management plans for protected reptiles, birds, mammals and game species; wetland mitigation design, construction and oversight; and land management activities including prescribed burning and herbicide application. Mr. Gordon is a Certified Burn Manager, Master Bird Bander, and Certified Pesticide Applicator.

Mr. Gordon is a recognized expert in Florida scrub-jay behavior. He has conducted experimental scrub-jay translocations for over 10 years and has completed countless surveys and spent thousands of hours monitoring and banding scrub-jays. He has also volunteered many hours to conduct surveys and band Florida scrub-jays on public conservation lands for organizations including Jay Watch, Florida Audubon, and other non-profit and government organizations.